Business Partners

 “UDITE President Ronny Frederick signing 2016 business partnership with Veolia EU representatives Pierre Eymery and David Berman.”

UDiTE Links Business Partners with Local Government Chief Executives Across Europe.

UDiTE has established a new Strategic Business Partnership Programme to create active partnerships with leading commercial companies working in the public sector based on an understanding of the needs of local government and how business partners can best develop their products to create successful public/private partnership agreements.

Increasingly, local government is choosing to meet the needs of its communities by developing a range of public and private partnership agreements. Many of these partnerships have brought innovation, greater effectiveness and efficiency into local government services across a very wide range of areas namely,  education, health and social services, new technology communications, transportation and planning, economic development, waste and recycling, consulting, public finance and insurance, engineering, energy and environment.

Companies can through understanding the needs of local government be better positioned to market innovative products and services and encourage the exchange of ideas and development via the services they can provide.  UDiTE is particularly keen to identify private sector’s service providers who have gained recognition for excellence and innovation in local government provision and promote these best practice models across Europe.

UDiTE will address a vision for the future of local government managers through strong strategic partnerships with business partnerships that share the values of improving services to citizens, communities and customers throughout the 21st Century.

The UDiTE has the desire to build an permanent dialogue with its business partners to develop with them, over the long term, an strategic trinking about the foundations of an effective and demanding association between public resources and private resources in benefit of the public interest and public welfare in Europe.