Our aim
The aim of the association is to promote relations between the professional associations of Chief Executives and Municipal Clerks representing European local authorities, to develop exchanges of information, to share professional experiences, contribute to the enhancement of the role and functions of local authorities and to contribute to democracy and the European Union.

If you are interested in working with UDITE in European projects we are ready to partner with you.

How can we contribute to the dissemination strategy in your project?

  • UDITE can draw on a readymade network of individual professionals in local government through our national associations and can all upon national member federations with professional secretariats and event organisation experience in their country to promote projects as part of annual congresses and events;
  • Benefits from a connection through the Knowledge Hub to over 150 000 public sector professionals via the UDITE portal;
  • Links with international associations including ICMA, IIMC and CEMR;
  • Excellent working relations with the EU Committee of the Regions with a strong track record in the European Week of Regions and Cities;
  • Enjoys preferential links with the Council of Europe with its Good Governance Initiative where we help promote, accredit and make awards for local authority compliance with the 12 principles of Good Governance
  • Benefits from a group of academic contacts who support our professional associations throughout Europe with their research into local governance and democracy issues;
  • Registered member of the European Innovation Partnership on Smart Cities and Communities;
  • Business partnership with Veolia;
  • Active UDITE presence on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook;

We publish the news from our European network on the KnowledgeHub. Please find here our news articles and publications.

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