The Federation of European Union Local Authority Chief Executive Officers (UDiTE) – started in Nancy, France, in March 1990, at the instigation of Gérard Combe, who was then Secrétaire Général of that city.

The associations of Chief Executives in six countries were the founder members.  The organisation established by Gérard Combe was originally known as the “Commission Permanente des Dirigeants Territoriaux Européens” – the Standing Committee of European Local Authority Chief Executives.

After the second meeting of the Standing Committee, in Dover in 1991, a permanent organisation was set up.  It was thus that UDiTE was formed in Barcelona in November 1991.

Constituted according to the French law of 1901, it is a federation of professional associations which today represents local government in 14 European countries: Belgium, Cyprus, Czech Republic, France, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Luxembourg, Malta, Portugal, Spain, The Netherlands and Great Britain. In 2011, Bugaria signed its adhesion to the UDiTE. Slovakia, as an observer, is in the process of adhesion.

The aim of the Union is to promote relations between the professional associations of Chief Executives representing European local authorities, to develop exchanges of information, to share professional experiences, to contribute to the enhancement of the role and functions of local authorities and to contribute to the European Union.

The official languages used by UDiTE are English and French.